Jabra Assured Services Programme Power of Conversation

Jabra Assured Services Programme


Conversations are still an integral part of customer service.

When we have an issue that needs resolving we still reach for the telephone, especially when self-service hasn’t helped or the issue isn’t straight-forward.
However, now we expect that the person on the other end of the call will be an expert, resolving our case quickly and efficiently so ultimately, we can leave the call happy.

Empowering call-centric employees with the right technology can significantly improve customer relations as well as boosting productivity and driving efficiency.

Therefore Jabra have created Assured Services specifically for organisations that have verbal conversations with their customers.
Jabra Assured Services provide support to Procurement, IT Managers or Call Centre Directors to ensure the right headset technology is selected and deployed quickly and seamlessly, staff are supported throughout the on-boarding process to maintain productivity levels and the investment in new audio devices is cost-effective to realise Return on Investment quicker

What is Assured Services?

Jabra Assured Services offers organisations looking to invest in new headset technology with the following benefits:

ElementOffer* Benefit
On-site inspection and audit reportSite audit ascertains:
• Headset requirements
• Environmental survey
• Finding Summary
• Recommendations& Best Practice
Ensure the most suitable headsets are recommended
FOC benchmarking trialTrial the recommended Jabra headsets within a control group to benchmark against existing headsetsLike-for-like comparison of devices in a real-life scenario to make an accurate purchasing decision
New headsets for old headsets buy-back • £7.50 off per unit on purchases of Jabra Biz 2300
• £10 off per unit on purchases of Jabra Biz2400 II
• Reduce CAPEX expenditure
• Deliver ROI quickly
• Purchase the most superior corded headsets in the market
FOC connection cordFor every Jabra corded headset purchased, we will provide you with a free connection cord, MSRP: £20• Quick and easy set-up to ensure no costly downtime
• Seamless integration between telephony system and new headset at no additional cost
Disposal of old headsetsJabra will take away and recycle all old headsets under the Wii directiveRemove any problems with corporate disposal of electrical goods

Technical and purchasing support during the entire process
• Jabra Account Manager assigned to you to advise on product selection and purchasing
• Jabra Technical Support to support the deployment of new devices and staff adoption
• Jabra will work with your preferred reseller partner to ensure accurate delivery of products
• Zero disruption to your business
• High agent productivity

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