Institute of Export opens Peterborough Contact Centre

Institute of Export opens new contact centre in Peterborough to enhance its support for traders

The Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT) has opened a new contact centre to further enhance its support for traders both in the UK and overseas.

The new centre is situated at the IOE&IT’s head offices in Peterborough, showing the organisation’s commitment to the city it has called home for multiple decades.

Peterborough commitment

IOE&IT has over 7500 members across the UK and the new contact centre will support the Institute’s continued growth, initially creating four new jobs, increasing to 10-12 new roles by the end of 2023.

IOE&IT’s director general Marco Forgione, said:

“The opening of the contact centre in Peterborough is a key element of our strategic long term growth in the city. We have a long history of having our head office in the city and we will continue to invest in creating high value quality jobs in the region.

“We are proud to call Peterborough our home and will continue to establish connections in the city through our outreach work with local schools and universities to promote career opportunities within international trade.”

Proud to support

The contact centre was officially opened by Dr Nik Johnson, the elected Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Dr Johnson said he was “proud” to be associated with the IOE&IT and told its staff to continue to work with the “three Cs” of compassion, cooperation and community.

“Peterborough is a city that’s going places. It quite clearly has a local community that wants to get on with things and wants make a difference.

“The idea that the company, which has grown so spectacularly over the last three years, wants to continue developing education and employment opportunities for its employees, and is building a narrative of saying, ‘we’re in Peterborough and we want to take on the world’, why wouldn’t a mayor want to be involved in that.”

IOE&IT is the leading membership body for businesses and individuals that trade internationally In the past four years, its team has grown from 15 employees in Peterborough to 168 across the UK.

It has also opened several other offices both in the UK and abroad, including London, Northern Ireland, Wales, Belgium and Kenya.



We empower organisations and equip individuals with the expertise to trade effectively, sustainably and competitively

The Institute was established over 85 years ago to support UK businesses in growing their international markets and trade. The Institute is the leading association of exporters and importers. We provide education and training to professionalise the UK’s international traders.

As a partner with UK government, we deliver national and international programmes, acting as evangelists for the UK and establishing UK processes and standards globally.

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