Handling Complaints in the Contact Centre – PhoneCoach

Handling Complaints in the contact centre – PhoneCoach give invaluable advice and tips on the most productive way in which to handle complaint calls into the contact centre

So what is the best way to handle a customer complaint? We don’t have space here to go into full details, but we can provide you with 5 helpful tips that will enable you to take control in a professional and positive way.

Always stay calm – even if the customer is angry and upset, keep calm and remember they do not mean to attack you personally. Do not try to ‘win’ the case but deal with it positively, remaining professional and cool, calm and collected. Listen to them carefully, let them know that you want to hear from them and wait until they calm down.

Confirm that you understand their problem – ensure that they feel that you are hearing what they are saying; if a mistake has been made, say so. Use words to show that you understand them and repeat back to them what you assume the problem is, giving the customer time to react calmly.

Get the key facts – now you can begin to take the initiative and ask a few questions; please don’t use a script but have a real conversation. Get as many details as you can and make notes.

Give a solution – only do this when you have enough details, being very aware of what you can offer in line with the company guidelines. Never make a promise and then have to withdraw it. Always be respectful and take ownership of the problem, telling them what you will do to solve their problem.

Follow up – a few days after the solution has been received, make a quick follow up call to the customer, enabling you to turn a problem into a positive gesture. This can turn a complaint into a customer referral or recommendation.

Resolving and handling complaints correctly will not only enable your business to retain customers but can also vastly enhance the reputation of your company.

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