Firstsource Announces launch of Smartomation

firstsource.logo.2012New user-friendly process automation that helps maximise productivity and effectiveness

Firstsource Solutions Limited have announced the launch of First Smartomation – its proprietary process automation solution. The latest addition to Firstsource’s suite of customer management solutions, this product is aimed at helping organisations integrate multiple systems, create new interfaces with automation and reduce complex processes.

First Smartomation leverages non-invasive technology to integrate existing applications and systems to create a user-friendly interface that can be deployed across voice and non-voice customer service channels. First Smartomation can be positioned on any backend system to create a user friendly interface that shortens processing and interaction times and improves productivity.

firstsource.ram.mohan.nNatarajan.image.2014“Contact centre agents today are required to access information associated with multiple products, services, systems, knowledge bases and pricing schemes from multiple sources to respond to customer queries in real-time. By consolidating processes, First Smartomation improves customer experience, agent productivity, increases accuracy, improves compliance and reduces training time, key challenges for any executive with a customer remit,” said Ram Mohan Natarajan, Senior Vice President, Business Transformation, Firstsource Solutions.

Delivered for a major US telecoms company providing networks to B2B corporate customers, First Smartomation increased agent productivity by 200% and reduced costs by 67%. From using an order validation process with 4 discrete systems, 432 manual steps and 96 validations, First Smartomation allowed quick and simple access to the data. It facilitated an average transaction processing time from 45 minutes to 10 minutes, and also improved data accuracy from 85% to 99.9%, as the customer service agent no longer had to move information across multiple systems.

Firstsource’s new solution set commenced with the launch of First Customer Intelligence (FCI) in January 2013 followed by First Chat in June 2013. These new sales and service solutions allow Firstsource to commit to cost reduction, service improvement and rapid revenue growth.

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