CXFO Reveals Challenges for Young CX & Contact Centre Leaders

Latest Report From CXFO reveals several challenges for young CX and Contact Centre Leaders

Keith Gait MBA CCXP, CEO at the Customer Experience Foundation

Participants at a recent focus group revealed that they encounter a range of challenges including struggling to establish themselves as experts and gaining trust and credibility, especially when making decisions that require higher approval.

Gaining respect from team members, overcoming imposter syndrome, and managing diverse teams add further complexities to their role.

Colleagues and customers sometimes doubted their ability to resolve issues leading to requests to speak to someone “more senior” to them.

What came across very clearly was how hugely committed they are to enhancing customer experiences and fostering positive cultures within their organisations.

The Most Common Obstacles Faced

When implementing new ideas or initiatives within their organisations, young leaders often encounter common obstacles such as resistance to change, budget constraints, and the challenge of convincing stakeholders to embrace change.

To navigate these challenges, they adopt various strategies. They focus on creating a strong business case for proposed changes, gathering data to support their proposals, and actively involving key stakeholders from the outset. Additionally, they emphasise the importance of presenting new ideas positively and involving teams in the decision-making process to gain buy-in.

Another hurdle is the difficulty of breaking away from established routines and processes, especially when individuals are comfortable with where things stand currently. They also create step-by-step guides to help team members navigate the practical aspects of implementing new ideas and processes. Overall, they use a combination of data-driven arguments, effective communication, and involving stakeholders to overcome obstacles and drive change within their organisations.

How can organisations better support and empower young leaders

Organisations can better support and empower young leaders in the CX and Contact Centre industry by embracing change and being open to new concepts. They should lead by example in adopting innovative approaches rather than clinging to the here and now.

Additionally, mentorship programmes should be readily available to aspiring young leaders, allowing them to trial creative ideas and providing guidance to build their confidence. Mentorship plays a pivotal role in nurturing young leaders, and it comes with a multitude of benefits. Mentors provide invaluable guidance and wisdom gleaned from their years of experience, helping young leaders navigate the complexities of the industry with greater confidence.

They offer a sounding board for ideas, a source of constructive feedback, and a platform for discussing challenges, thus accelerating the learning curve for emerging leaders. Moreover, mentors serve as role models, inspiring their mentees to aspire to greater heights and showcasing the tangible rewards of hard work and dedication in the field. Through mentorship, young leaders can gain access to valuable networks, opening doors to new opportunities and fostering professional growth. Overall, mentorship not only enhances the skills and knowledge of young leaders but also instils in them the passion and resilience needed to excel in the ever-evolving CX and Contact Centre landscape.

Industry Insights

Do you currently have a Mentor? In a recent poll on LinkedIn, we asked our audience whether they have a Mentor (it could be someone within their organisation or external).

» 68% said NO they do not have a mentor

» 32% said YES they have a mentor


To excel in the CX and Contact Centre industry, established leaders and organisations must better support young leaders through mentorship, recognition, continuous training, and creating spaces for collaboration and knowledge sharing.



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Following the Focus Group, The Customer Experience Foundation (CXFO) has pledged to support young leaders by setting up several initiatives.

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