CallMiner Improve Contact Centres Amidst COVID-19

CallMiner Collaborates with Customers to Improve Contact Centre Operations, Performance and Service Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

A growing number of CallMiner customers – which include some of the world’s largest brands, financial institutions, communications companies, and business process outsourcers – are actively working together to develop and share resources and best practices for managing operations and solving COVID-19-related concerns in the contact centre.

Adam Walton, COO of CallMiner, said,

“Contact centres globally are experiencing a massive change in call volume and operational complexity. In some cases wait times are longer, the issues are more emotionally charged, and customers need fast and informative help, now more than ever,”

“Making matters more difficult, many contact centres are suddenly thrust into a work-from-home customer engagement environment for the first time. Recognising the urgent need, CallMiner has united with our customers to collaborate, share and learn.”

CallMiner’s new Coronavirus Customer Think Tank, launched in March, provides contact centre and speech analytics leaders a peer community for sharing operational and service-related best practices and asking questions. The Think Tank offers free, downloadable customer contributed and CallMiner-built speech analytics categories, designed to uncover what matters most for callers and agents during the COVID-19 pandemic, which helps organisations respond more efficiently, sensitively and effectively. Specifically, the categories uncover intelligence that enables organisations to:

– Understand the impact of COVID-19 on their customer base. New, contextual analytics categories enable organisations to identify how the coronavirus is impacting customers through ‘Voice of the Customer’ and ‘Voice of the Agent’ insights.
– Prioritise business changes and customer response. The intelligence helps executives uncover and weigh the issues affecting their customers, as well as prioritise actions and response through data-driven evidence.
– Coach agents to respond effectively, accurately and sensitively. Customer calls are growing increasingly complex and urgent. Contact centre leaders can analyse how their team is responding and equip agents to improve outcomes and service.
– Improve remote performance. New remote-working categories equip contact centre leaders to maintain and improve team performance.

Tommy Moos, Collection Manager, Revenue Assistance Corporation, said,

“At Revenue Assistance, we are very concerned with the well-being of our customers and are focusing our efforts on assisting them with the coronavirus crisis,”

“CallMiner’s Customer Think Tank community has been invaluable for exchanging speech analytics ideas, technical resources and operational best practices. The community enables us to better understand and anticipate how we can help our customers and agents.”

Kyle Carter, Vice President of Delivery and Founder at Zenylitics, commented,

“We are committed to delivering the highest level of support and assistance to our customers at a time when their needs and circumstances are quickly changing,”

“Our team has been so grateful for the content, insights and advice provided by CallMiner and the community of our peers within the Coronavirus Think Tank. It’s been a tremendous help during these unprecedented times.”

Pete Hamlin, Senior Director of Business Intelligence, Avadyne Health, said,

“Needless to say, world events have had a significant impact on both healthcare providers and their patients,”

“Our team at Avadyne has been committed throughout the pandemic to meet the immediate needs of both and have found the peer-to-peer advice and insights in CallMiner’s Think Tank very valuable in helping us navigate some of the changes needed to do just that.”



CallMiner’s community is open to both customers and non-customers. In addition, CallMiner is offering complimentary Coronavirus Business Impact Assessments for inbound calls into contact centres. To learn more, and request access to the Think Tank Click Here

CallMiner is recognised as a leader in the speech analytics software industry, transforming your customer interactions with conversational insight to drive positive experiences and profound business change. Uniting with our customers and partners, our platform surfaces intelligence captured across your multiple communication channels and compels action that leads to improvement within and beyond the contact centre for customer experience, employee performance, compliance, security, fraud and interaction automation.

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