Enhance Customer Service Through Speech Analytics

African Bank Selects CallMiner to Enhance Customer Service Through Advanced Speech Analytics
Deep Understanding of Voice-Based Interactions to Improve Bank’s Sales, Collections Processes and Compliance Scoring

CallMiner, the leading provider of speech and customer interaction analytics, today announced that African Bank has selected the CallMiner Eureka platform to better extract and operationalise insights from voice-based customer interactions.

Basani Maluleke, CEO of African Bank, sdaid,

“With CallMiner, we will be able to create an even stronger customer experience by analyzing what our customers need, how they feel, and what we need to do, to deliver exceptional value and service,”

“African Bank is fast becoming a pioneering data-driven South African organization and our partnership with CallMiner is another part of our journey to make our organisation synonymous with data excellence and to enhance our digital transformation. At the core of our data strategy are our customers – to create an inclusive, personalised banking experience for them and we believe CallMiner provides another tool to bring us one step closer to achieving this.”

CallMiner Eureka leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse every customer interaction, across all channels, to automatically uncover actionable insights and intelligence that organisations can use to improve business decisions. African Bank will start analysing voice interactions through its three contact centres initially.

African Bank, which ranked number one in customer satisfaction in the 2019 Consulta SA Customer Satisfaction Index (SA-csi) report, will use CallMiner to extract deeper understanding of voice-based customer interactions to increase customer experience, improve sales and collection processes, as well as automate and improve compliance scoring.

Frank Sherlock, VP International at CallMiner, said,

“African Bank has demonstrated its strategic focus to be a leader in customer service through the acquisition of CallMiner,”

“Organisations across all industries have the opportunity to enhance customer relationships, increase revenue and radically improve business performance simply by listening to customers and acting on the insights. We know that African Bank went through an extensive and diligent evaluation process involving various international and local vendors, and we are delighted to have been selected as we expand our portfolio of customers in South Africa.”

Today, CallMiner is relied on by hundreds of leading banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, collection agencies and other businesses across the world.



African Bank is a 100% subsidiary of African Bank Holdings Limited (“ABH” or “ABH Group”). ABH is an unlisted registered bank controlling company under the South African Banks Act, Act 94 of 1990.

Based and operated in South Africa, the Bank provides unsecured loans, transactional banking services, and investment and savings products. The ABH Group also has insurance operations that are housed in African Insurance Group Limited, a separate 100% held subsidiary of ABH which in turn holds a cell captive investment in Guardrisk Limited (“cell captive”).

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CallMiner is a recognised leader in the speech analytics software industry, harvesting key customer and operational insights from multi- channel customer interactions. Uniting with our customers and partners, our platform drives contact centre efficiency, positive customer and employee experience and significant improvements in top and bottom-line corporate performance.

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