5 Typical Problems in the Contact Centre

The Contact Centre is normally at the heart of customer service in many organisations. They can support your customers when they need some advice, want to buy products/services or require some help with a problem.

However it is not uncommon for the contact centre to experience problems now and then – here are 5 typical contact centre problems your business might be experiencing:

Absent agents

On average, the absence rate globally in the contact centre is 11%. This means for 100 seats, only 89 are occupied. When there are less staff members available to look after customers, it can increase waiting times and put extra strain on agents – this can impact the quality of your customer service.

High staff turnover

Unfortunately many contact centres can experience a high staff turnover, which can lead to a negative impact on customer service quality, as fewer experienced staff members are there to ensure that the level of service remains high. It also can mean additional costs due to recruiting, hiring and training new staff.

Bad first-call-resolution rates

One of the main things customers complain about is that their problems are not being sorted after one phone call. This means callers end up speaking to a variety of agents for one enquiry and satisfaction levels drop.

Out-dated or complicated technology

There is such a variety of software programmes within the contact centre, that it can be common for agents to struggle when using a combination of systems, especially if training has not been provided.

Customer retention

Keeping customers is one of the biggest problems that British the contact centre face. It is estimated that UK businesses lose over £15billion a year because they abandon an order or use a competitor.

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