South Yorkshire Police Take 40,000 calls in one month

South Yorkshire Police contact centre handle more than 40,000 calls in one month

SYP’s contact centre staff at Atlas Court took more than 40,000 calls from members of the public in one month, as the country continued to face the unprecedented public health crisis of Covid-19.

In April, our team members, based at our contact centre in Sheffield, took a grand total of 48,410 calls.

Temporary Head of Communications, Superintendent Becs Horsfall said: “We are always busy, and the month of April saw huge numbers of calls for service, especially to our 101 non-emergency number.

“Our staff dealt with over 17,000 emergency 999 calls, they also took 31,000 calls to 101 alongside the receipt of online reporting; these are significant statistics for our contact centre.”

Supt Horsfall said a large proportion of calls to 101 were from members of the public seeking advice about social distancing, and what is or isn’t deemed as essential activity under government guidance.

She added: “As always, I would urge people to think before they contact us. In the case of Covid-19 related calls, please check the government website to see if you can find the answers there. You may also be able to find information on the local authority websites; they are doing a great job of keeping people informed, so it’s worth checking there too.

“My staff are doing a fantastic job of offering guidance to people where appropriate, but please remember that the force is continuing with business as usual. We are still responding to emergencies, serious incidents and attending crimes such as burglary – these must continue to be a priority.”



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