Global Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centres Market Report

Global Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centres Market Report 2022-2036: Use Cases for AI Today and the Exciting Future of this Technology
The “The State of Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centres” report has been added to’s offering.

This Report provides a maturity model for the service experience in contact centres, looking ahead to the next 15 years.

It describes how AI can and should be used, application by application, to enhance contact centre performance and provides recommendations and best practices for implementing AI-enabled solutions. It offers both a strategic perspective and tactical guidance to help companies realize the maximum benefits from their AI initiatives.

Artificial intelligence is being added to all of the systems and applications used by contact centre agents. It has already introduced a basic form of human-like understanding and intelligence into self-service solutions and is on its way to delivering practical and quantifiable improvements to many other applications.

The State of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Centre analyses how artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to transform the customer experience (CX), drive a new era in servicing, and significantly improve the performance of contact centres. It explains AI, its underlying technologies and how it enhances contact centre systems and applications.

The Report provides use cases for AI today and anticipates the exciting future of this technology, also analyzing the value proposition and payback for its adoption in each application.

Report Includes

– Explanation of what AI means and how it works in contact centre systems and applications, including the distinction between AI and rules-based solutions; the synergies and benefits of AI-enabled automation; and the essential role of data in powering AI initiatives

– How AI is fundamental in enhancing the CX due to its ability to decipher customer expectations and deliver this information to agents

–  An explanation of DMG’s concept of a centralised contact centre “AI hub/brain” and its operational contributions and benefits

– An analysis of the maturity and impact of AI in 20 of the most commonly used contact centre solutions, plotted by quadrant – AI-enabled, targeted AI, emerging AI, and contributing AI

– An in-depth review and analysis of how AI is being applied in each of the top 20 contact centre solutions, including a discussion of how it enhances each one, current and future use cases, as well as the value proposition and benefits

– A contact centre maturity model that looks 15 years into the future to enable contact centre leaders to appreciate how they are perceived today and their next steps in the service continuum

– A visionary examination of the massive potential of AI to revolutionise contact centres and the service experience



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