Developing your Emotional Intelligence

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Developing your Emotional Intelligence

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Did you know that Emotional Intelligence is a far more reliable indicator of success in our lives than a high IQ?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who leads a team, and first and foremost drives home the impact their behaviour has on team morale, well-being and results.

We explore the basic principles of emotional intelligence and learn how to nurture these all-important skills. Once they have developed their self-awareness and self-management skills they can bring these to bear in their own working environment.

Course Description

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Explore the concept of Emotional Intelligence and extend the idea of intelligence beyond the skills of logic and language that are measured in IQ tests.

Principal components of Emotional Intelligence

Explain the principal components of Emotional Intelligence – Self-Awareness, Emotional Self-Management, Social Awareness, Self-Management and Relationship Management. Understand how these components can be harnessed to increase our success, both in and out of the workplace.

Understanding and using your emotions

Develop ways in which you can tune into our emotions to obtain valuable information. Learn to be assertive; stay calm and remain focused to help us to move more effectively towards our goals.

Harnessing your Emotional Intelligence to improve relationships

Harnessing Emotional Intelligence to develop empathy for others and improve our interactions. Handling, managing and inspiring emotions in others to have better relationships.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

– Understand yourself and the impact you have on others.

– Develop empathy, resilience and drive – and understand why these are vital in the contact centre.

–  Increase your Emotional Intelligence and develop the emotional and rational drivers for excellence.

–  Understand the concept of a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset.

–  Gain insight into your own motivational drivers and how to overcome motivational blocks.

–  Understand body language and how it impacts on others.

–  Gain insight and awareness of your own scripts and communication styles.

–  Develop assertiveness techniques to create win/win situations.

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