Blog: We’ve Finally Finished!

Normally in my weekly contact centre Blog I tend to concentrate on, for example, key events which have happened in the UK contact centre industry, highlighting new reports or surveys or even things that have wound me up.

Tfireworkshis week please forgive me if I don’t!

A website is only as good as its Readers and Subscribers, the quality of its editorial content and it’s valued and much appreciated Sponsors and Advertisers – in this context we think we have now cracked it!

A few months ago during our end-of-week team meeting our website designer, Harriott, commented that the website needed to be updated to incorporate the new ‘plugins’ that our design software could offer; As my opinion has always been ‘if it aint broken don’t fix it’ I reluctantly agreed on the initial basis that feedback from our readers and subscribers should be sought to gain their opinion as to what they want from the website.

Feedback was sought and a total of nearly 100 subscribers informed us what they wanted, what areas were of utmost importance and how the website could be improved in terms of layouts and content.

Taking the responses into account Harriott was charged with the massive task of updating the website – as around 75% of our website traffic is between the hours of 08.30am and 9.00pm her instructions were to avoid the obligatory ‘Down for Maintenance’ message and work throughout the night if required.

After much coffee drinking and head scratching Harriott has now completed her massive task – I hope that you agree with me that she has done a fantastic job.

The initial reaction to the updated website has been very positive to say the least. In terms of visitors, although very early days, we have seen a significant increase in traffic with our hosting company trying to persuade us, yet again, to upgrade our server to cope with the increased traffic.

But like the contact centre industry itself things evolve so over the next few weeks we, sorry Harriott, will be ‘fine-tuning’ the website based on further subscriber feedback.

Although it was my original intention to launch the ‘new look website’ to coincide with Customer Contact Expo at the end of the month; people who know me will know that I can never keep things under wraps so the website has now gone ‘live’.

It would be lacking of me not to thank Harriott for her much appreciated work – the good folk at BigWetFish, our hosting company, for their valued assistance and most of all our Valued Sponsors namely Interactive Intelligence, Aspect, Jabra and Ultracomms without whom there would not be a website let alone a website re-design – Show your appreciation of those sponsors by visiting their respective websites!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the website!


The Editor
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