CallMiner Secures $75M Investment from Goldman Sachs

CallMiner Secures $75M Investment from Goldman Sachs – This funding will enable CallMiner to help more organisations drive significant improvements in business performance, creating a better customer experience and greater brand loyalty

CallMiner, the leading provider of AI-fueled speech and customer interaction analytics, has closed a $75 million investment round from Goldman Sachs. CallMiner will leverage the funding to accelerate go-to-market plans and use case expansion for its industry-leading analytics platform, Eureka.

Paul Bernard, president and CEO of CallMiner, said,

“Customer intelligence is critical for organisations to compete effectively in today’s environment of rapid change and digital advancement. Success requires understanding what your customers and contact centre agents say, mean and how they feel – and leveraging that insight to fundamentally change the way you operate and perform,”

“We are revolutionising the way brands and people interact and conduct business – and it all starts with AI-driven customer insights and intelligence. The investment from Goldman Sachs – a preeminent technology investor – is a significant milestone and we are thrilled to have them as a partner on this journey.”

CallMiner continues to experience exponential growth across its universe of over 400 customers including some of the world’s largest brands, financial institutions, communications companies, and business process outsourcers. The company pioneered the speech analytics industry in 2002, and today analyses over 2 trillion words annually across all forms of customer interactions including calls, chats, emails, surveys and texts. Market demand has grown rapidly both inside the contact centre and beyond, with business and performance applications across sales, marketing, customer experience (CX), security, compliance and automation.

Holger Staude of Goldman Sachs Growth, commented,

“The convergence of customer interaction analytics and customer experience creates a significant market opportunity,”

“Backed by a strong management team, CallMiner is well positioned to transform the way organisations operate. We look forward to partnering with their team and supporting their continued growth and success.” Staude will join CallMiner’s board of directors.

CallMiner plans to leverage the funding to continue acceleration of new business applications, channel partner integration and development, international expansion, and platform innovation and capabilities.

Additional Information

CallMiner empowers organisations of any size to extract and take action on intelligence from customer interactions, for improving customer experience, sales, marketing, compliance, and contact centre agent and customer engagement centre performance.

Highlighted by multiple customer achievement awards, including eight Speech Technology implementation awards in the past six years.

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