Auto Windscreens Achieves High Score in Benchmarking

Auto Windscreens is one of highest scoring organisations in business benchmarking surveys by The Institute of Customer Service in 2022 for their contact centre.

Auto Windscreens has achieved a Customer Satisfaction Business Benchmarking score of 93.1 (out of 100) in an independent survey of its customers by The Institute of Customer Service.

The Institute of Customer Service is the UK’s independent professional body for customer service. It works with organisations to improve their business performance by enhancing the customer experience.

Claire Church, Director of Service Delivery, said:

“We pride ourselves on our levels of service, and to achieve such a high score in our businesses benchmarking survey conducted by The Institute is testament to the focus our whole team places on customer satisfaction.”

Claire added: “First and foremost, we’re a ‘people’ business, and it’s encouraging to see we’re seen as one by our customers. Satisfaction for our service delivered ‘in person’ scored the highest of all ‘channels’, at 95.2, with ‘over the phone’ at 91.9. The most common words taken from our customers’ comments were ‘happy’ and ‘satisfied’, which is exactly how we want them to feel once we’ve helped them to get back on the road.”

Auto Windscreens contact centre was assessed on:

– ‘Experience’, measuring the quality of customers’ experiences and interactions, for which it was given 93.7*, compared to the 77.8 service sector average.

– ‘Emotional connection’ or how it engenders feelings of trust and reassurance, which was 92.4, compared to an average of 75.9 for the service sector.

– ‘Customer ethos’ – how customers perceive organisations care about them, for which it scored 92.7 compared to 76.1 on average for services.

– ‘Ethics’ or its reputation to ‘do the right thing’, which was 92.6, compared to the 74.4 services average.

– ‘Net Promoter Score’, based on how likely customers would recommend the business, which was +76, compared to +22 on average for services.



Auto Windscreens is a leading automotive glazing company, serving customers throughout the UK and across all sectors from managed fleet to insurance. With a nationwide network of service centres and backed by a fleet of mobile service units, Auto Windscreens is an expert in windscreen repair and windscreen replacement. The company head office and dedicated contact centre is based in Chesterfield.

For additional information on Auto Windscreens visit their Website

*All figures are out of 100 unless otherwise stated and are compared with The Institute’s UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) Services Sector results. The UKCSI is UK’s largest cross-sector customer benchmarking study, most recently published in July 2022.

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