Gamification Whitepaper for Contact Centres

Gamification Whitepaper for Contact Centres

Find out how gamification immediately boosts agent morale, increases efficiency in the contact centre, and improves every aspect of the customer experience.


Want to keep contact centre agents consistently engaged and motivated?

Low morale, high staff turnover and increasing absenteeism are amongst some of the most common problems plaguing contact centres today – but you don’t need to constantly reinvent how you motivate your staff to keep them engaged and performing consistently.

This guide will help you:

Understand exactly what contact centre gamification, how it works, and the potential it has to transform your business

Discover the benefits of contact centre gamification including increased performance, morale and efficiency across the organisation

How other leading UK contact centres are already using gamification as a cornerstone of agent motivation, and how this can significantly enhance the customer experience

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To download the Gamification for Contact Centres Whitepaper Click Here

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Evaluagent – Practical innovation

We are software innovators. We were one of the first contact centre software vendors to offer gamification for call centres. And we are constantly improving the EvaluAgent platform to meet the needs of our rapidly growing client base.

One of the benefits of our cloud-based contact centre solution is our ability to remotely deliver fully tested system enhancements in days rather than months. As contact centre needs change and evolve, so EvaluAgent changes and evolves. And these changes and refinements are implemented automatically, without contact centre operators having to pay for upgrades.

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