Gambling Companies Need Advanced Contact Centres

Why Gambling Companies Need Advanced Contact Centres To Survive

Within the last few years, the business of gambling has undergone a marked transformation. From the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos of yesterday to the rise of online casinos, today’s gambling industry is now hardly recognisable compared to just 10 or 15 years ago.

It’s because of these ongoing and monumental changes that industry giants like William Hill have recognised the need to strategise accordingly. For this particular company, this means partnering with Aspect Software in order to provide better customer service from within contact centres. And it may be wise to view this as a template for similar companies to follow.

Indeed, there are a number of reasons to consider William Hill’s decision to be a sound and forward-looking one. Here we’ll delve into some of those reason, and further explain why this is an industry to watch for contract centre integration and improved communication and service practices.

The transition to online gambling will require evolved customer service

As stated above, brick-and-mortar casinos are now largely giving way to online casino sites. Some estimates suggest that as much as 10% or more of internet traffic comes through casino sites. And in the UK, activity in this space has shown the capacity to double and triple in a matter of years within the current decade.

Given this massive and continual expansion, it’s safe to assume that there is a steady supply of new customers making their first forays into online gambling. And many of them will need assistance as they get used to the medium. For one thing, there are a number of new features unique to the leading online bookmakers; free bets and bonus offerings require explanations for those gamblers more used to the in-person experience. For another, online sites sometimes involve deposits and long-term holdings, which some customers will also want clarification about (whereas an in-person sportsbook can simply take money for specific bets, one at a time). These features are not always self-explanatory to newcomers, and advanced communication assistance can help prospective bettors to understand them more quickly and completely.

Rapid advances in technology

In addition to the features mentioned above though, technological advancements soon to integrate with online gambling platforms will also require explanation. For instance, virtual reality is set to revolutionise online casinos by offering various immersive simulations and real-time communication with other players. Though this can make for a fun experience, it will inevitably bring about complications and confusion that assistance from an efficient contact centre can help address.

It’s a bit difficult to say when specifically the VR shift will occur in online gambling businesses. As of now, pricey headsets remain aa bit of a roadblock to anything approaching a takeover, and developers have shown limited initiative in pursuing VR casino games. That said, it is likely inevitable that there will at least be some high-volume VR casinos, and companies in the gambling industry would do well to prepare.

Expansion into new markets

Expansion into new markets in the real world is another major change coming to the gambling industry, and another that can be addressed at least in part through advanced contact centres.

In the U.S., a Supreme Court decision to legalise sports betting (or at least allow states to do so) has presented a massive expansion opportunity. The ruling struck down a now-outdated ban on real-money wagering, and will ultimately lead to regulated activity supporting what some believe is already a £120-billion-plus betting market in America. Much of that market right now operates through offshore platforms or means of questionable legality. Thus, millions of bettors making the transition to more reputable betting companies in the coming years will likely need help getting used to things.

How contact centres and similar services are ultimately deployed regarding these changes and advancements will be different on a company-to-company basis. But all of these factors should make thee gambling industry interesting to watch as we look for the newest and most effective contact centre integration.

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