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Webinar: Compliance Through the Eyes of the Consumer

Compliance Through the Eyes of the Consumer

The trust of consumers regularly mirrors their spending and loyalty. To get an accurate temperature check on sentiment and behavior changes when it comes to data security from a global perspective, PCI Pal conducted market research in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. In each region, at least 2,000 consumers were surveyed to glean insights into the sentiment around the onslaught of data security breaches and hacks.

Organizations across the globe are focused on better understanding the consumer, their habits, trends, and preferences. As the pace of life continues to speed up, we find ourselves in a world catered to efficiency and fluid, mobile experiences. Join us for a webinar as we discuss how consumers are regularly putting their money where their trust is and how organizations can secure their sensitive cardholder data to instill consumer confidence.



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PCI Pal® is the global provider of secure payment solutions. PCI Pal’s cloud platform empowers organisations to take payments securely without bringing their environments into scope of PCI DSS and other card payment data security rules and regulations.

With the entire product portfolio served from PCI Pal’s cloud environment, integrations with existing telephony, payment, and desktop environments are simple and light-touch, ensuring no degradation of service while achieving security and compliance.