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Skills and Techniques for Delivering Difficult Messages

A highly practical and engaging course, where line managers or aspiring line managers can develop the skills to handle difficult conversations.

Team managers often find themselves having to have challenging conversations with advisors usually relating to absence, performance or behaviour issues. It is the part of their role that often causes them the most anxiety and without applying the right skills and approach it can also cause the situation to worsen.

By the end of this course the attendees will be able to:

– Understand personal barriers and concerns around delivering difficult messages
– Explore reactions to messages being received and how to handle
– Understand the preparation required prior to having a difficult conversation
– Develop knowledge of transactional analysis, framing and other techniques
– Apply and practise the techniques in the delegates workplace context

The course will enable delegates to practice their skills in a safe environment and be in a position to apply their new skills as soon as they return to their team.

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– Non-members: £299 + VAT