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Revolutionise Your Contact Centre Communications

Join GCI to discover how an omnichannel Skype for Business Contact Centre can improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction alike.

Microsoft’s Skype platform has changed the face of unified communications both at work and in our personal lives, offering the instant gratification of being able to get in touch with people at the click of a button. But did you know that Skype for Business can also help streamline omnichannel communications, achieve PCI compliance and improve First-Call Resolution (FCR) within your contact centre?

Leading Converged ICT Service Provider GCI is holding a FREE roundtable event to help organisations understand how a Skype for Business Contact Centre can provide a secure, omnichannel communications experience that your users will love. We will showcase how you can use this solution to achieve compliance, as well as improving the customer experience and providing a joined-up approach to your communications. The event will also include interactive demonstrations so you can see these market-leading features in action, as well as gaining 1-2-1 advice from our technical experts.

What you get at this exclusive free event:

– Information on how to make your customer care centre experiences truly omnichannel
– A discussion of why Skype is changing the game in contact centres
– Advocacy on how you can achieve PCI compliance
– Examples of steps that will help future-proof your contact centre
– A next-generation omnichannel demo, featuring compliance and PCI in action and Intelligent Virtual Assistants (“Smart Bots”)

Our expert speakers

– Jon Seddon is GCI’s Product Director
– Andrew Leatherland is a UC Product Manager at GCI
– Brad Semp is Director of Contact Centre Compliance at GCI

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