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Using Chatbots to implement services without putting customers on hold
Options for introducing Chatbots into the contact centre ecosystem:

Chatbots and messenger self-services are currently much-discussed and highly topical when it comes to improving customer engagement in today’s era where customer experience is the battlefield for gaining and keeping customers.

“Digital employees” as innovative self-service component of a comprehensive omni-channel engagement strategy can play an important role within the communications offering, providing automated responses to routine inquiries. However, companies are faced with the challenge of aligning digital self-service concepts with the communications processes in the contact centre and the underlying business processes.

This webinar outlines the strategy for introducing and designing chatbots. We will show how customer requests can be resolved during the first contact and how to escalate a chatbot or messenger query to a live agent without the customer having to repeat themselves.

We will discuss which fields of applications benefit from this technology, its opportunities as well as its (current) limitations. As the integration into the overall system is essential for successful chatbot interactions we will also look into the interplay between self and live services as well as into the necessary integration with other company solutions.

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