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Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

The theme for this seminar is: Getting Started on Customer Journey Mapping

Journey mapping is a holistic approach to understanding the flow of experiences a customer has– but where do you start and what’s the most efficient way of doing this that works for your organisation?

With customers, every interaction, be it click, swipe, call or visit, is an opportunity to build on the growing relationship. To make the most of these opportunities, separate data sources, support teams and tools, as well as customer attitudes, attributes and behaviours, need to be connected and mapped across touchpoints and channels.

At this workshop we’ll explore some of the tools and techniques that are available to help get you started – or to help you understand if your current approach is the best. You’ll have the opportunity to listen to industry experts and share ideas with industry colleagues.

We’ll explore:

A template for creating the customer journey
How to track customer engagement across different channels
Identify the opportunities for self-serve
Pinpoint inefficiencies in the process and failures in the customer experience

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The event will be held in London with the actual venue being advised with the reservation booking