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Customer Experience World Digital Masterclass

Cultivating a customer-centric culture and management model

Digital transformation is high priority and high stakes in customer experience. Products and services are changing so much faster than the organisations that create them.

We work ‘on’ our products all the time, but we seem to only work ‘in’ (not ‘on’) our organisations and don’t pay enough attention to whether or not they are fit for purpose. Products are becoming smarter, connected, innovating more rapidly and following changing customer trends and tastes.

But whilst firms are investing heavily in digital marketing to acquire new customers, the growing gap between their smart connected brand promise and the reality of how they function internally is becoming a major risk factor.

Modern, digitally led customer experience is not just about your company’s website, apps or online chat, but all aspects of the support structures, internal functions and people who are part of the process of creating value for customers. Connected products need a connected company to deliver them.

During the course of this one-day masterclass, we will address such topics as:

– Why hierarchical organisations struggle with customer-centricity
– Promoting ownership, accountability and empowerment at every level and every touchpoint
– The shift from process- to service -oriented organisations
– Putting the customer in charge and hiding the seams of your processes
– Leadership in a networked organisation

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Location: Amba Hotel. Bryanston Street, Marylebone, London W1H 7EH

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