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Customer Experience World Co-Creation Event

Unlock the power of co-creation to drive your CX success

An exciting new-format event at Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London, to help you unlock the power of co-creation in customer experience.

Life as a customer experience leader can be tough! We hear a lot about limited budgets, little say in strategic decision-making and, sometimes, little support from the executive. Yet you’re still expected to perform daily miracles. So how will you maximise success and achieve more with less?

CEW’s CX Co-Creation Event is here to help. On Tuesday 19th March, and for a whole two months after, you have a unique opportunity to network and work with world-leading co-creation experts and leading customer experience professionals and vendors, and work on solutions to some of your most pressing needs.

Vendors: the event is open to your subject-matter experts (SMEs), those who are comfortable engaging with CX practitioners to impart and shape knowledge in an open and collaborative environment. We offer spaces to vendors from a range of CX categories to ensure non-competitiveness and that you are meeting the right audience.

Delegates: the event is managed so you can feel comfortable learning from a broad cross-section of experts, vendors and other CX practitioners.

Location: Merchant Taylors’ Hall. 30 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8JB

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