CCMA Academy: Building empathy with customers

Building empathy with customers

Connecting with customers on an emotional level reaps rewards

In recent months, contact centre advisors have demonstrated their empathy and ability to build emotional connections with customers and this has delivered increases in CSAT scores and loyalty. With more customers demonstrating loyalty to brands that connect on an emotive level, building a customer experience that meets this expectation is now paramount.

This three-hour workshop will give you the insight, the evidence and the framework to start building your approach to emotive CX. The result of deploying an end to end management approach to emotive CX will be an increase in NPS, customer satisfaction and customer effort scores that translate into commercial ROI.

Learning outcomes:

– Find out what Emotive CX really means and why it is critical
– Learn about the impact of emotional connections on customer loyalty
– Discover how to demonstrate an ROI for CX
– Gain insight that provides the evidence for change
– Appreciate why this is a customer service priority
– Discover a framework for end to end management of an emotive CX programme
– Understand the neuroscience of emotion
– Work through a competency framework for change



Date: Friday 23rd October 2020

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Online

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