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Agent Focus: Transforming Performance, Motivation and Operations

Agent Focus: Transforming Performance, Motivation and Operations

What happens when an agent does everything right, apart from giving the customer they want? When it comes to a delayed delivery, a faulty product or a multi-stage process, the agent isn’t to blame – but the performance metrics most contact centres use treat them as if they are. CSat plummets: blame the agent. NPS is negative: looks like a bad call.

It’s unfair and – when remuneration is linked to performance – hugely damaging to morale and staff retention. This webinar sets out a better way.

Carolyn Blunt, Learning Solutions Director at Ember, Lee Mostari, Director of Insight and Analytics at Ember and Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics, will demonstrate how their omnichannel analytics solution can examine agent performance in context. By looking at the sentiment of the entire call, and the steps the agent took to try and resolve or defuse the situation, it can provide a far more objective assessment of the agent’s work.

Register today and discover how omnichannel analytics can transform the way you manage agent performance

– Put every interaction in context – giving a more realistic assessment than just CSat scores alone

– Compare the agent’s performance across large numbers of contacts

– Identify individual training or coaching needs



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