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Understanding Customer Behaviour and Coaching Empathy


From 09:30AM until 12:30PM

At Online/Virtual

CCMA members: £299 + VAT Non-members: £349 + VAT


This course delivers reskilling for a new world. Contact centre professionals are experiencing a transition to the next chapter in customer interaction. This is being driven by significant trends in the way customers and organisations engage:

 - Customers are in change mode. More leave for less reason. Loyalty is under threat. Organisations need an effective response.  

 - Conversations are becoming more complex and take longer as self-service soaks up the simple stuff.  Impact matters even more. 

 - Lockdown has made things emotional. Sometimes unpleasantly so. Customer experience is defined by what is remembered. 

This is a foundation course designed for team leaders, coaches and contact centre managers looking to evolve culture and competency in recognition that customers have moved on.  

This 3-hour virtual training course will give you the understanding and skills to improve the outcome of conversations by delivering a more empathetic approach. It is designed as four sessions over three hours of learning covering:  

 - New customer behaviours

 - Brains, emotion and customer experience 

 - Empathy as a mindset and skill

 - The playbook for memorable outcomes 

Learning outcomes: 

 - Appreciation of the key customer behaviours which have accelerated during lockdown and how they have influenced expectations.

 - Knowing why and when to use voice, text and video as omni-channel engagement grows.

 - Understanding a deeper psychology of customer interaction and the impact emotion plays in memorable experiences.

 - Greater self-awareness with an experiential dive into listening and empathy. Testing your capability to listen 100% and self-assessing your range of empathy behaviours.

 - Building your own mental model of how to deliver conversationally memorable outcomes and how to coach for experience gaps.

 - Onboarding a best practice hearts and mind checklist for building trust and co-operation.


A three hour Zoom session with a break

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