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Introduction to Contact Centre Resource Planning


To understand how to develop and produce resource plans.

From 11:00am until 1:00pm

At Virtual

CCMA members: £449 + VAT additional places £399 + VAT Non-members: £499 + VAT additional places £449 + VAT

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Start forecasting and scheduling in your inbound centre
If you’re looking for someone to explain the basics to forecasting and scheduling, then this course is for you.
This intensive three-part virtual training course will help you understand how to approach the various resource planning tasks and what information is needed, providing a basic foundation in forecasting, scheduling and managing the plan on the day. The course will take you step by step through the process, with helpful hints and exercises to put the theory into practice. From understanding how to produce a forecast, to putting together shift patterns, as well as appreciating the importance of advisors using the right activity codes and working to the plan you have produced.
To understand forecasting, scheduling and real time management in a small inbound centre, what impacts the accuracy of outputs including shrinkage, occupancy & adherence
Topics covered
A resource planner’s perspective on: - What is needed and how to produce weekly, daily & interval Forecasts - What to consider when producing a Schedule - The challenges of managing Real Time - The importance of tracking and factoring in Shrinkage - The impact of Average Handle Time, correct use of Aux codes and Adherence on the accuracy of the outputs.
Three 2-hour online sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday with tutor support.

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