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Enabling the Mobile, Work-From-Anywhere Workforce  


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A mobile workforce has become the standard for contact centres. While this industry and many others weigh bringing all or some employees back to the office, we will continue to see the evolution of workforce technology tools that make it easier to be mobile and help ensure workers are as efficient and effective away from the office as they are in the office.

Register now to join us for the webinar, Enabling the Mobile, Work-From-Anywhere Workforce. We’ll discuss how organizations can allow contact center employees to be immediately mobile so the workforce is ready for whatever new conditions uncertain times may bring. Learn how the Aspect® Workforce Optimization™ solution arms the mobile workforce with elegant, simplified smartphone access to common WFM scheduling functions, deeper cloud integrations supporting browser-based “workforce anywhere” access and enhanced performance feedback to employees so they can quickly self-correct while staying eng

aged and on track.

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Aspect is on a mission to simplify and improve customer engagement. Our enterprise software is used by millions of agents every year and supports billions of consumer interactions around the world.

Our best-of-breed contact center and workforce optimization applications help companies keep contact centre agents engaged while providing exceptional customer service experiences. Our flexible, highly scalable solutions for self-service and live interaction management and workforce optimisation are available on-premises or in any hosted, private or public cloud environment.

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