Managing people in an environment as fast-paced as a contact centre means multi-tasking and constantly rising to challenges, whether you’re a Team Leader or a manager. It’s enough to tax anyone’s resilience.

According to resilience is the “ability to cope with the normal stress of life as well as being able to bounce back from a crisis.” NHS England says it’s “the ability to maintain personal wellbeing in the face of challenge.”

This course is aimed at leaders who want to learn how to improve and manage their resilience to maintain their mental state and prevent burnout.

Course Description

Do any of the scenarios below resonate with you or your team?

You may have had a really bad call and you’re now feeling stressed or angry. You need to change the way you think and feel quickly before your next call or meeting to maintain clarity and focus.

You’ve just finished from a bad day at work, and you can’t switch off.  It’s impacting your mental state and personal life and you’d rather have choice over how you think and feel.

This course provides tools and techniques to improve your emotional intelligence and physical and mental wellbeing to reduce the risk of burnout whilst boosting your resilience.