The way you respond to complaints is crucial. Sound too corporate and they can escalate and become impossible to fix. Try to dismiss them and they can keep bouncing back. The most effective way to resolve them is to sound human, open and sincere.

After this virtual training course Team Leaders, Managers and Complaint Handlers will be able to write better complaint responses – whether you use standard letters, standard paragraphs or just start from scratch each time.

Course Description


You’ll understand the huge impact that more human written communication has and the role it can play in reducing complaints and building back relationships with your customers.

We’ll get you and your team writing faster, better and with confidence.

Working live – on your own material

We’ll work – live – on improving your own customer-facing material too. Send an example of your contact centre’s complaint responses you’re happy to share and we’ll work on a couple of examples from the group and show you how to improve them in real time.