Contact centre data is a business game-changer


From 12.00PM until 1.00PM

At Virual Online

As organisations seek to harness the power of data to improve business and customer outcomes, the contact centre is growing in prominence thanks to the volume and richness of information that it houses.

Data collected in the contact centre not only drive operational performance but power decision-making elsewhere in the organisation, thereby elevating the contact centre from an operational function to a strategic game changer.

So, how well are organisations using their data to drive customer contact strategies, to support their operational decision making and to engage other leaders in the business?

Join Stephen Yap, CCMA Research Director, as he reveals our latest research exploring the use of contact centre data, kindly supported by Webhelp. Having talked to contact centre leaders across the UK, Stephen will be sharing how far contact centres are on their journey to harnessing data, the challenges that need to be overcome and how the data is being used to drive both operational and strategic business performance, and much more.

We’ll be talking to some of those that participated in the research and debate the outcomes with Managing Director of Global Analytics at Webhelp, Chris Bryson. It’s an opportunity to hear great insights while getting some practical advice, with the chance to ask questions.

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