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CCMA Webinar: The Great Debate: Voice v Digital


From 12:00pm until 1:00pm

At Virtual

Free Of Charge

CCMA / 0333 939 9964 or email

The contact centre industry has experienced an uptake in the use of digital channels by customers. As a result, they are revisiting customer journeys to consider when and where to use digital channels to provide a more efficient, cost effective option. And some are looking at whether there is a future for voice.

This Great Debate will pitch voice versus digital. Poly will propose that all contact should be via the voice channel with human-to-human conversations, whilst Digital Genius will argue that all contact should be through digital channels using the latest AI technologies.

Of course, the question is what is right for your business. Where do you stand in this debate? Will you be swayed by Poly’s proposal to put a human at the end of the phone? Or will you ere towards making all interactions digital. Or will you find a middle ground?

How it will work

We plan to have some fun! Poly will open the debate and propose the case for voice and why it is the right channel for most, if not all, conversations. Then we’ll hear from Digital Genius who will oppose this approach and present how the use of digital channels is the future.

You will be invited to share your comments and questions through the Zoom platform, which will be shared live by our Chair of the debate, Leigh Hopwood.

After closing comments from both the proposer and the opposition, you will be invited to vote on the statements:

• All businesses should answer the phone when a customer calls. There is no place for digital.
• There is a place for both voice and digital channels in contact centres.
• Digital channels are the future and contact centres should eliminate all voice channels.

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