CCMA Visit: How Diabetes UK is adapting to a hybrid model


From 09:00am until 12:00pm

At London

Free for CCMA members

During the pandemic, people with diabetes have been a high risk. As a result, the demand on the Diabetes UK’s services ballooned. This resulted in the business going through immense change in a short period of time.

The leadership team at Diabetes UK will host this live event at their offices, where they will share how they have adapted over the last year. They will talk about the hybrid model that they are adopting and how the change they have experienced is resulting in a significant upgrade in the contact centre systems and process.

Critical to the process was taking their teams and charity donors on the journey with them.

During the session, you’ll get a live tour of the contact centre and hear

» The pressures on the organisation and how they responded

» What their approach to a hybrid model looks like

» The impact on their teams and what they did to support them

» What their big plans are for the future

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