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Syntec provides an integrated suite of telephony and software solutions, including its patended CardEasy service for secure card payment via voice and digital channels.

Founded in 1998, Syntec is a Coalfire-verified PCI DSS Level 1 Visa merchant agent and participating member organisation of the global Payment Card Industry Council (PCI SSC).

CardEasy Secure Payment Solutions

CardEasy ‘keypad payment by phone’ DTMF masking descopes your contact centre and remote workers from PCI DSS.

Sensitive card information is hidden from the agent who can remain in conversation with the customer throughout the call.

Customer self-service (IVR) and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) options are available, as well as CardEasy Digital for PCI-Compliant payment by alternative communication channels such as email, SMS, Webchat and Chatbots.

Telephony Expertise

As an Ofcom-regulated network switch operator, Syntec can handle your call traffic via digital interconnects (PSTN) as well as VoIP and SIP. Additional network-level services give you full control, including call recording, IVR and AgentCall for co-ordinating your contact centre agents, remote and home workers, with real time reporting and display.



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