Company Profile: Customer Touch Point

Customer Touch Point specialises in long-term and instant impact customer experience solutions for organisations worldwide, providing the tools and support they need to deliver effortless customer experiences.

We are also the brand behind the powerful Engage to Influence™ methodology, which sits at the core of every single customer project.

By delivering real-time customer insight; designing customer journeys to positively influence behaviour; and implementing end-to-end technology solutions that provide a seamless experience across all channels, we enable our clients to improve customer experiences and reduce cost of contact at the same time.

Our solutions include:

» Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)

» Customer feedback software

» Customer journey mapping

» Telephony & IVR

» Live chat


» Email

» Social media monitoring

» Dynamic FAQs

» Real-time and post-call text analytics

Our solutions in more detail

Customer feedback

Our customer feedback software solutions include multi-channel surveys, post-call IVR surveys, live wallboards, real time text and audio analytics, SMS & digital feedback campaigns.

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping looks at the entire customer journey, from the first customer interaction to the last. A detailed audit of the customer journey, using our Engage to Influence™ methodology, alongside our customer feedback audit and post-call analytics tool, will pin-point where and how we can make changes to improve customer contact and engagement.

Telephony & IVR

Telephony, touch tone and Natural Language IVR services include journey audits and re-design, scripting, automation, tone of voice and professional audio recording.

Customer experience technology

Our CCaaS is a true omnichannel contact management system across voice, email, chat, SMS and social media channel that delivers a single view of how the customer communicates

Real-time and post-call analytics

Real-time and post-call analytics analyses every voice call in detail, breaking every word and sound down into thousands of markers, delivering detailed and accurate business insight as it’s happening. Using our real-time and post-call analytics solution we can quickly and very accurately analyse thousands of calls to uncover patterns of behaviours, customer sentiment and the true reason for their call. This in turn enables you to achieve operational objectives, makes your more compliant and helps you sell more.

Professional audio & music services

We offer a range of professional, multi-lingual voice and music services for phone, IVR and on-hold, as well as background music in restaurants, shops and other customer environments.







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