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    Sagaciti is a small, intimate, client-focused consultancy built on the personal integrity and experience of its Directors and Co-Founders, and on evidence-based knowledge of what works, and how to achieve it. With 70+ years unique commercial and public sector experience, we have successfully managed, improved and designed end-to-end contact centre operations at all levels.


    Sagaciti helps you ‘see the wood from the trees’, looking at your opportunities and challenges End-to-End across your business, simplifying the complexities for you, ensuring your operation is the best it can be. This means you remain focused on the important things – delivering excellent services, growing your business, and achieving your desired outcomes.


    If you are involved in Contact Centre Operations, we’re confident we can help you be even better.Why not contact us and see how we might help?


    What Sagaciti does:


    – We use good judgement and sound evidence to help your business develop, applying practical, sustainable solutions that work in your world.


    – We bring transferable learning from elsewhere to directly benefit you.


    – We build personal, productive relationships through our friendly, engaging, open and honest approach.


    – We provide a bespoke service – it’s us who turn-up and work with you.


    – We help you make the right choices to integrate new technology, systems and approaches to your business.


    – We operate independently of suppliers so you can be confident our sole focus is your best interest – plain and simple.


    – We’re determined to provide excellent value, and are proud to be different from other consultancies, making game-changing consultancy support available to all sizes of business.


    – We know technology is a critical enabler; more importantly, we understand why it’s your people who make the real difference.


    Sagaciti’s Services:


    Our bespoke services are designed to your requirements. The following provide some examples:


    – Sagaciti Toolkit™ – A powerful diagnostic tool founded on our Sagaciti Assessment Framework™, developed from industry good practice and our knowledge, skills and experience.


    – It collects sound empirical evidence and identifies what works and what doesn’t. It’s flexible and can be deployed from a Team to a Multi-Contact Centre Organisation, as a light-touch or deep-dive review.


    – Used successfully in the commercial and public sectors it enables us to:


    – Provide a fully evidenced assessment of the current state of your operations (an AS-IS Review);


    – Provide fully evidenced findings and recommendations that work for you, enabling change-decisions that improve efficiency, effectiveness and profit;


    – Provide a holistic, integrated design of the future of your operations built on the evidence(the TO-BE design);


    – Develop fully evidenced Business Cases and recommendations;


    – Deliver or assist with Implementation of the changes required to achieve the TO-BE;


    – Provide facilitation to deliver new ways of working and process mapping.


    – Note: The Sagaciti Toolkit™ is also available on licence.A Free Self-Assessment tool based on our Toolkit ]


    – Sagaciti Evaluations – We can provide academic evaluations, or our Sagaciti Hybrid Evaluation combining academic rigour with pragmatic and practical solutions that you can use in your world.


    – Sagaciti Project and Programme Management – using Good Judgement Practically Applied™ we offer a bespoke service, based on the evidence, to provide sound recommendations, practical solutions and deliver outcomes.


    – Leadership, Facilitation & Lecture Services – We utilise our considerable knowledge and skills to offer:


    – Bespoke leadership programmes;


    – Leadership support, mentoring and confidence building;


    – Help to improve staff capability, confidence, effectiveness & outcome delivery;


    – Independent facilitation, presentation and lecture services;


    – We specialise in Leadership, Management, Desistance, Evidence-based policy making, and Strategic & Tactical command.


    – Specialist Services – Our unique backgrounds mean we are able to offer niche services in regards to Strategic and Tactical Command (critical incidents, ‘Gold/Silver/Bronze’, firearms and public order through to command of the Olympic Torch), along with major & serious crime investigations (including homicide, homicide review, serious case reviews and crimes in action at PIP L3 and L4 experience).


    We are always happy to talk about the challenges and issues you are facing and it costs nothing!


    Please don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we might be able to help.