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dancing lion consultancy

Are you looking for learning & development solutions for the contact centre? We can help.


Dancing lion training & consultancy helps build the culture and develop managers, sales and customer service professionals to be more effective.


We tailor our services to your business needs.


We can help you to:


– Align staff behaviours to the vision and values of your organisation


– Maximise the customer experience, increasing satisfaction, loyalty and retention


– Utilise outputs from Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter and Customer Effort Score


– Develop new managers core skills and emotional intelligence


– Enhance the leadership skills of experienced managers


– Build your staff’s morale and professionalism through personal effectiveness training


– Increase results from your sales performers with key account management, sales & negotiation training


– Reduce organisational overheads by giving HR professionals recruitment methods and skills to attract and retain the right people


– Avoid staff burnout and absenteeism by engaging the workforce


– Build real commitment through management training in change and culture building


– Equip staff to reduce debtor days and bad debt through arrears collection training


– Review your marketing training to develop competitive advantage


– Harness the power of social customer service, utilising telephone, SMS texting, email and chat with dynamic call centre training


– Overall become a more service orientated and profitable business by utilising business training training tools to focus on the customer’s interests and needs.


Our team of experienced consultants and trainers will come to your centre and help you achieve the outcomes you want.