How to Use TV Screens to Solve Agent Disengagement

How to use TV screens to solve Agent Disengagement – SJS Solutions

The only way a good Call Centre Manager can get value from the TV screens dotted all over their contact centres is to ensure the content is useful to their Agents. After all, it’s them that spend the day looking at it…

How many times a day do your agents look at the call metrics displayed on the TV screens around your Contact Centre?

If it’s a LOT you might have a problem. If it’s a little, you definitely have a problem.

Yeah, confusing – here’s what I mean;

If your agents are looking at your Wallboard screens for the information they need to deliver positive customer experiences but instead they only get call metrics in the same format year in year out chances are that familiarity eventually creates a ‘blind spot’.

Your Agents get bored, fed up and disengaged so they rarely glance at the screens, then carry on with the shift… and the truth is, it’s a BIG lost opportunity for you.

Because while you have their attention, you could be focusing your agents on company updates, training, shift patterns, overtime opportunities as well as the fun stuff like birthdays, anniversaries, positive feedback from customers and of course, the big ‘buzzword’ right now, gamification.

In fact, if your wallboards are just giving the basics, you’re really missing a trick, because done right wallboards are a frontline solution to your biggest challenge with staffing: agent disengagement.

New wallboard technologies are available right now to help you re-engage your team and keep them motivated, connected and dare I say it ‘happy in their job’

Happy means they stay in the job, and we know what a struggle that can sometimes be.

Wallboards are ‘Old News’ Right?…
Nope. So What’s Changed?

10 years ago software didn’t allow for the levels of flexibility possible today. In fact, Contact Centres had to settle for a LED Reader Board or at best grid based template, maybe a scrolling messages and if you were lucky your company logo.

Optymyse in 2006

sjs.old_optymyse_2006.iamge.2017Today things are very different

sjs.new_optymyse_2006.iamge.2017Far from being ‘old school’, with a little effort, wallboards still give you the best visual opportunity to really connect with your team and to help them connect with each other, plus whatever you place on your TV screens will represent you, your contact centre and your brand so getting it right is pretty important.

The latest Agent Engagement Software from SJS “Optymyse 5” gives customers the ability to create templates which are fun, friendly and entertaining.

The Optymyse API and screen designer gives you the ability to blend data from any source and create the perfect mix of CSAT, Call Handling and other metrics combined with important messaging, delivered dynamically via a moving living screen which combines threshold alerts, links to social media sites, videos, live TV, gamification, social inclusion, while effectively reinforcing your brand and making your contact centre look modern and professional.

Let’s face it, the old wallboard is dead.

A basic grid containing a bunch of call handling metrics which tells agents the same thing in different ways gets ignored, and worse still metrics like ‘Longest Wait’ can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of agents. Your team think differently than just a few years ago. They get their information in different ways, they expect more visually than ever before.

Doing things the same old way and expecting your agents to meet you where you are simply doesn’t work and a $2.4 Billion cost of attrition is proof enough of that. You have to meet them where they are.

Executives no longer talk about “reach” or “impressions” as measurements of success. Instead, they aim for “conversations” and “engagement”

To get there, your agents need some help. Wallboards can do that for you.

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