The Contact Squad – Now at a Contact Centre Near You








Recognize these guys?

Help them be the best with NICE Adaptive Workforce Optimization.

Are any of these employees sitting in your contact centre right now?





They can certainly take control of calls,

but don’t you wish they would listen a little more?








Customers love chatting with them,

but they’re not great at closing sales.







They work long hours, but aren’t the best

at sharing their knowledge with their colleagues.


Well, NICE Adaptive Workforce Optimization can help all of them – as individuals.

You can empower them to play to their strengths and develop areas that need work. You can give them control of their schedules and shifts. You can reward, motivate and engage them like never before.

And when your employees can create their own journey of engagement, improved customer service creates itself.

Ready to meet The Contact Squad?




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