Why Your Contact Centre Needs Customer Engagement Analytics

By definition, customer engagement is an effect, a reaction, a connection, a response, and/or an experience of customers with one another, with a company, or with a brand.

But what does customer engagement actually mean?

Accordingcallminer.anlaytics.image.aug.2016 to CRM expert Paul Greenberg, the first step toward establishing valuable customer engagement is understanding what value means to them.  In that sense, Greenberg notes, the idea is simple: Try your very best to make your customers happy.

In the contact centre environment, customer engagement is more critical than ever.  Studies show it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for just one negative experience, meaning contct centres are on the hook for providing exceptional customer service at all times.

Enter customer engagement analytics.

In order to provide excellent service, more executives are turning to advanced analytics to measure customer and agent interactions and ensure their call centres are performing at a high level.

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why your call centre needs customer engagement analytics:

feedback.image.aug.2016gProvide Direct Feedback & Training Opportunities

Competition is fierce in today’s customer-centric marketplace.  So what’s the best way to ensure your customers are satisfied with the experiences they’re having with your company?

With customer engagement analytics in place, you have the ability to not only listen to agent interactions with customers (i.e., What questions are they asking? What concerns are they expressing?), but to also analyze those conversations so that agents can be at the top of their game.

Such root-call analysis allows you to categorize each type of call, provide direct and continuous performance feedback to agents, and offer agent training opportunities that can ultimately lead to improved customer experiences.

Drive Call Centre Efficiency

In addition to automated call scoring and analysis, customer engagement analytics also allows you to drive a more efficient call centre operation overall.

You can, for example, leverage analytics to efficiently route calls and program IVRs, reduce repeat calls, and optimize average handling time.

The end result is, of course, improved service levels and reduced cost of operation.

customer.journey.image.aug.2016Understand the Complete Customer Journey

When all is said and done, the customer experience comes down to not multiple, disparate points of interaction but the collection of those interactions overall.  In other words, you must be able to understand the customer journey, regardless of the communications channel used, and seamlessly integrate those interactions into a complete picture.

By aggregating customer interactions, transactions, feedback, and agent data, customer engagement analytics works to provide an end-to-end picture of the customer journey.

Armed with these actionable insights, you can both engage customers and provide an improved experience overall.

Final Thoughts

The key to staying competitive in today’s consumer-focused marketplace is to engage your customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle, whether that’s when they reach out to have their questions answered or when they make a sale.  With customer engagement analytics in place, you can put your company’s best foot forward and ensure that your customers are satisfied with the interactions they have with your organization at all times.

callminer.scott.kendrick.image.july.2016Additional Information

Scott Kendrick is Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at CallMiner

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